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Should Runners Who Smoke Switch to Vaping

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

The world of fitness is all about being in their best form and getting ready for upcoming challenges in their fitness areas. Runners often find smoking as a way to relax their body and mind after an exhausting day. However, smoking comes with its side effects and can affect their performance in the long-run. This is one of the reasons why sportsmen and fitness enthusiasts often look for ways to get rid of smoking.

Vaping CBD is the best alternative as it contains cannabinoids, which is a natural component of the plant that doesn’t have any side effects of smoking. It balances the body mechanisms by improving sleeping disorders, enhancing metabolic rate, uplifting mood, and doesn’t leave burnt products behind in the lungs.

Owing to the benefits of Vapes, several runners today, often incorporate CBD during their day-to-day activities to boost the body endocannabinoid system. It helps them to keep their body fit and ready for the upcoming challenges. Many runners claim that vaping CBD vapor oil from the SkyBlue Essential™ V Oil Vape is beneficial for faster healing of their injuries. Further, it enables them to improve their concentration to prepare for the tournaments.

The rundown of reasons why runners prefer CBD over smoking

These reasons will give you a stronger and influential reason to shift to CBD from smoking tobacco:

  • You will not feel intoxicated by vaping CBD: CBD is a natural plant product with no psychoactive elements. You will not feel intoxicated by vaping CBD. Instead, it will relax your nerves and make you alert, which you will start enjoying. Its therapeutic nature will improve your eye and body coordination.

  • Your lungs will not get damaged by vaping CBD: To perform well in the tournaments, the runners need to keep their lungs healthy and highly functional as they require high amount of oxygen for muscle recovery and tiredness. Smoking tends to adversely affect their performance by reducing the capacity of the lungs to hold air. Smoking is far more dangerous for less active people. It destroys the lungs to a greater extent.

  • Keeps the cardiac problems at bay: You can try SkyBlue Vapor™ Original Vape Pen because it is right for your lungs because it doesn’t have any harmful by-products. That is why it is advisable to replace smoking with vaping CBD.  Not only just that, but it also improves blood pressure. As a result, you will be able to cut down on getting any heart disease. Apart from this, vaping CBD always keeps you full of energy and enthusiasm for physical activities. It maintains the overall health and wellness of a person and reduces pain by its anti-inflammatory properties. Vaping CBD treats insomnia. If you can get adequate sleep at night, you start your day with a new mood and a positive attitude.

  • You will be able to intake more CBD by Vaping: Vaping CBD brings higher bioavailability, than other consumption methods. Vaping allows CBD to bypass the gut and the liver, which can alter the structure of the cannabinoids through a first-pass metabolism. Lungs have a large surface area, which means that it is much easier for the contents of your lungs to get to your bloodstream, so vaping CBD gets the cannabinoid to the blood much more effectively than other methods of consumption.

It is tough to quit smoking but not impossible. If you start vaping CBD, it will be easier for you to adjust to the smoking withdrawal changes as CBD provides a soothing effect on the nerves. Gradually, you will stop craving for nicotine and start developing healthy lifestyle. CBD works like a miracle for runners to gain control over their bodies and mind. It helps them to enhance their performance in various surprising ways. CBD has great potential to revolutionize the medical industry because of its incredible therapeutic properties.

But if you are a professional runner, CBD can help you with many essential functions your body needs to be at its optimal performance levels. Vaping CBD may even be the next big thing in sports medicine because of its positive effect on the recovery process. Further, it gives you a chance to move towards a healthy lifestyle.

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